5 handy tips to make bedtime easier

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It’s important for your child to have a routine in particular at bedtime. Not only will this mean they get enough sleep but then the following day they’ll be able to concentrate and they’ll be in a positive mood.

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1. Supper time

Give your child a warm milky drink with cereals or a small banana. These foods can help your child’s body produce the naturally occurring hormone melatonin which helps us sleep.

What not to do: Avoid hot chocolate and fizzy drinks as these have caffeine in them. Caffeine is a stimulant that can stay in body for up to 12 hours. Caffeine can make your child be hyperactive and not be able to go to sleep.

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2. A warm bubble bath

This is a great time to chat about your child’s day so that you can ease any worries before bedtime. Also the heat is likely to make them feel sleepy.

What not to do: Avoid taking your child back downstairs or to the living area as they are more likely to avoid bedtime.

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3. Playtime

It can be helpful to allow your child to have a certain amount ( say 30 minutes) of playtime before the bedtime routine begins. You can give periodic warnings about how much time is left so that they know what is expected of them.

Bonus tip: Choose an activity carefully – you don’t want to get your child too excited. We suggest a short board game or colouring time. These are peaceful activities which are less likely to keep them up late.

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4. Storytime

When it comes to putting your child to bed, try reading to them a story of their choice; this will make it seem like they are in control of their own bedtime routine.

Bonus: Limit storytime to one story each night or a certain number of pages; don’t give in to reading more than one as your child may make a habit of it and expect to stay up longer every night.

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5. Bad Behaviour

Some parents and carers send their child to their bedroom when they’ve misbehaved. We recommend that you use a naughty step or naughty corner instead so that your child's bedroom remains a happy place, they look forward to going there and it remains a calm and relaxing space.

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