New Year’s Resolutions for the Family

Posted by / Friday 14 December 2018 / Parenting Tips

Making family-based New Year’s Resolutions can be a fun way to introduce new routines and hobbies into your everyday family life. By setting realistic goals, you can teach your kids how to work towards things that they would like to achieve for themselves and how to commit to something that is important to them. Supporting and being supported by your family members in achieving your goals or resolutions is also a great way to stick to keeping up your new routines and a way to bond over shared interests if you are all excited and invested in working towards your new aims.

Every family works differently, so your goals should be unique to how you all would like to spend your time or work towards things together. Here are some ideas we have for New Year’s Resolutions as a family:


Taking Walks Together

Taking walks is a great way to exercise, spend quality time and explore your community together. When you are walking, you are spending more time talking and less time on your screens. This allows for both some fresh air and bonding. If you have a day where you can all enjoy this together, it could be a great resolution to try and keep up.

Eating Meals Together

With unconventional work weeks and schedules, it can be hard to find time to all sit down together. Setting aside even one day a week where you eat a meal with your family can be such an important part of your day where everyone can unwind and catch up on things that are harder to do in passing. Even if you consider these moments a luxury, it can mean so much to your family in the long run.


Reading Times

Whether your children enjoy story books or are re-reading Harry Potter for the 5th time, having an allotted reading time together, quietly or out- loud, is a special and unique way to settle down and be together throughout the hectic work week.


Going To Bed On Time

While going to bed on time can sometimes seem like an impossible mission, it can be such a healthy way to make sure that everyone is getting enough sleep and that no one is overworking themselves.

Arts and Crafts Day

Everyone loves to exercise their creativity! Creating things with your family whether that be cooking, painting, writing short stories or even taking photographs of one another is a way to learn more about each other in ways that words sometimes cannot tell you. Try setting aside time to create things together with the whole family!


Clean-Up Days

Finding the time to make sure your space is clean and organised can be an overwhelming task. If you have weekly family clean-up days or times, this can make it all much easier. You can do this little by little so that no one feels overtaxed, but it can be a good way for everyone to do their part around your space and be together.


Unplug Devices

Unplugging devices, whether it be for an entire day or past a certain hour in the evening can be a good way to make sure that everyone is communicating face-to-face. You can replace these times with any of the ideas above, or just spend it chatting to one another about how your day went.


Ringing in the New Year is always an exciting time to see change and new perspective. If you can do this in a healthy and positive way with your family, it could become a year where you all become closer to one another and learn more about the goals you have for yourself and resolutions you would like to set.