5 family-friendly ways to celebrate LGBT Pride Month

Posted by / Thursday 06 June 2019 / Parenting Tips Activities

The month of June is a month chosen for LGBT Pride to celebrate, commemorate and recognise the impact that the LGBT community has had on the world. Pride events enable LGBT families to experience inclusion, love and support while also showing their children that there is an accepting community out there that is excited to celebrate the things that make people unique individuals. If you are looking for family- and child-friendly events to go to this month, here are some ideas.


Brighton Pride  

Brighton Pride is one of the UK’s largest celebrations filled with great events and activities for people of all ages and from all backgrounds. The Family Diversity Area is a great way to be involved in the exciting celebrations while making sure the entire family is comfortable and happy. The area is alcohol-free and includes things such as a face painting station, a playground and a costume making session to prepare your children for the Children’s Pride Parade.  

For more information on the Family Diversity Area of Brighton Pride, visit: http://bit.ly/2XfdJ8u 


London Pride’s talent show 

Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre & Pride in London are putting together a collaborative under 18s LGBT+ talent competition called Flawless Talent. This talent show was created as a way to get young people in the LGBT community to share their cultures, celebrate their identities and provide a safe space for them to be given a fair opportunity to share their art.  

Entry is free.  

For more info on prizes and how to join, visit: http://bit.ly/2Wio6fC 


Pride with friends 

If your children are quite young or have difficulties in large crowds, why not host a Pride event of your own? Show your support to your community and have a picnic or BBQ with friends, family or other members of your neighbourhood. It is a great way to meet people and celebrate diversity and inclusivity right in the comfort of your own area. It is also a way to support and celebrate whilst ensuring that everyone in your family is comfortable and happy.  


Checklist for Pride march with children 

If you are celebrating with your children and want them involved in the excitement of a march, it can be great fun. Just make sure that your child still feels comfortable and not too overwhelmed depending on their age or circumstances. Not all marches are overwhelmingly crowded or busy, so if you are looking to march in your area, this could be a great way to experience the local Pride, which provides a place of acceptance and friendship, and rare visibility for LGBT relationships right in your neighbourhood 

  1. Bring a friend with you so that you have extra help when looking after your child.
  2. Bring reusable water bottles and plenty of snacks and food with you in order to avoid long lines and extra costs.
  3. Bring small forms of entertainment for your little ones so that they can participate in the fun. Whether they like to wave flags, play with face paint or blow bubbles, bring it along so they can join in and march along with everyone else.  
  4. Set ground rules for your child and make sure that they know to stay with you at all times and to pay attention to their surroundings, especially if they are not used to large crowds.  
  5. Make sure your child stays protected if you will be walking in the sun and you have things that help them to stay cool. With the heat of the sun and large crowds, they could easily overheat.  


Volunteer for a pride event in your community 

During Pride month, there happen to be a lot of events and celebrations that are not all about heavy crowds and music. Check to see the local events that are taking place near you. This could be as simple as a community park meetup or a group lunch - and they might need volunteers. It could be a fun way for you and your family to get involved in the community and lend a helping hand to a day of celebration.  


Are there any Pride events near you or that you are hosting that are family-friendly? Let us know! We love hearing from you. Visit us on our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube pages. 

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