As the volume rises we have to keep listening to those who matter the most

Posted by Dan Breslin / Friday 26 June 2015 / Government spending Cost of living

How time has flown. No sooner had the polls closed, we had a new government and just five weeks later, the Queens speech has come and gone. A whole host of Bills are already making their way through Parliament, and we are just a fortnight away from the emergency budget. It has been far from a slow start from the new Government.

There are lots of different voices fighting to be heard – not just those MPs sitting on the backbenches. Campaigns groups, charities, community organisations and passionate members of the public speaking out to challenge Government about what new policies and legalisation should be pursued, amended or dropped. Everyone is fighting to be the loudest voice.

As the volume rises we won’t lose sight of who we are speaking out on behalf of –children, young people and families who have extra challenges to overcome and need support It is their voices we all should be amplifying. We can’t lose sight of the importance of decision makers listening to the people that their policies will be effecting. This is even more relevant as we approach the emergency budget which will set out the Government’s spending plans. We expect to see a number of further cuts to welfare spending which could make things harder for vulnerable families.

Our future work will make sure that children, young people and families are a vocal part of the debate. As we have been undertaking research for forthcoming reports we have heard from parents and young people in just the last few weeks about the importance of the support and help they get from the services they use every day. The difference these services makes can be huge. We are busy gathering together what they have told us about their experiences and issues they face. We will then speak directly to politicians so they know just how important these services are. 

We know that national and local government are facing difficult decisions across the board. Every service, programme and idea has its champions. But in this environment, the people that can’t be overlooked are vulnerable children, young people and families that Action for Children supports. These are the people who everyone should be listening to the most. 

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