Young Ambassadors interview potential new trustees

Posted by / Wednesday 27 January 2016 /
YAs outside GQS Jan 16

In mid-January three of our Young Ambassadors, Holly, Ben and Kacey, from Worcester City Early Help, came to our London office to interview potential candidates for a Trustee position.

We caught up with them to see how they got on and hear what they thought of the experience:


Hi, I’m Holly. I’m 17, and I work in a recruitment company. I’ve done interviews before at work so I wasn’t too nervous, but I do think it’s really good to give young people a voice like this. This was one of the first things I have done in my role as a Young Ambassador. I was looking forward to meeting new people. I was looking for someone who seemed to have good experience, and could be a good leader. I asked the candidates why they think it’s important to listen to young people when making decisions. I also came up with the idea of asking them all what biscuit they’d be, and why! I enjoyed the different answers we got – from Oreos to Rich Tea. I’d be a Bourbon (all three layers are amazing!).



Hello, I’m also 17. I’ve done a few things for Action for Children as a Young Ambassador. I’ve helped at Byte Night, I’ve been on the judging panel for the 2015 Stephenson Awards, and I’ve recorded the voice over on a film. I study media, and I also think about becoming a Young Person’s Practitioner one day too. Staff at WCEH have been so supportive. Just over a year ago I was nervous about leaving the house. And now look, I’m in London, interviewing potential trustees. One of the questions I asked them was, ‘Why do you think it’s important to present equal opportunities and promote diversity?’. I was hoping to meet candidates who were responsible, and caring. Someone that will ensure that the charity survives and continues to help more people in the future. Having a youth panel is important, because our charity is based around young people, and we know what issues we face, and can spot the kind of people that may be able to help.

My turn now – I’m Kacey. I recently turned 18 and I came to London with family to watch The Lion King. One of my favourite things about visiting London is the Tube! We have nothing like that in Worcester. I’m studying Law and Food Economics at college, and would like to study Law at University. WCEH has helped me with my confidence, and it’s really good that as a Young Ambassador we can get involved in things like this. I’ve also helped out at an open day at WCEH before too. I think it’s important we have good trustees, so that everyone is accountable to someone else, and we have good leaders. I really liked the whole experience, and would happily take part again. Oh, and, by the way – I’d definitely be a cookie – everyone loves cookies!

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