Almost half of parents give their children too many sugary drinks

Posted by / Thursday 07 July 2016 /

Too many children under the age of five consume foods and drinks with high levels of sugar at least once a day, according to our new survey.

Almost one in two parents (47 per cent) give their children sugary drinks like squash and cordial at least once a day, exceeding the maximum daily allowance of five sugar cubes for children of that age. The polling of 2,000 parents across the UK also found that although only 7 per cent allow their children to have fizzy drinks every day, one in five think it’s okay to give them ‘healthy’ snacks such as raisins daily without taking into account how much sugar they contain.

When asked how many times a year parents take their children to the dentist 17 per cent responded that under 5s are too young to be visiting the dentist, despite the fact that baby teeth need as much care as adult teeth in order to avoid a lifetime of poor oral health.

Action for Children aims to launch educational sessions and provide take-home packs for ten thousand children across the UK from August 2016 to August 2017 to raise awareness of the importance of oral health and help children develop an effective oral hygiene routine.

"Too many children continue to be badly affected by poor oral health – but being able to smile with confidence is important for a child’s self-esteem and lifelong physical health. We need to provide the opportunity for children and families to develop a better understanding of the importance of oral health. Prevention can help avoid unnecessary pain for children and save parents and the healthcare system money. <br/> <br/> Our fun and informative workshops will aim to provide the opportunity for children and families to develop a better understanding of the importance of oral health and the practical skills they need to maintain it."

Carol Iddon, Managing Director at Action for Children

Our first ever oral health workshops are endorsed by the Oral Health Foundation and funded by The Wrigley Company Ltd. through the Smile BackTM project, an eight week campaign during which a donation to Action for Children will be made, for every pack of Extra® sugarfree gum sold in the UK.


For tips on how to get children into a brushing routine click here.

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