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Celebrate LGBT+ is Action for Children’s award winning staff network for all staff who have an interest in LGBT+ equality issues.  It was set up in October 2014 and in 2015 won ‘new network’ in the inaugural Inclusive Networks awards.  The network exists to promote a safe, inclusive and diverse working environment and provides confidential support for all staff.  The profile of LGBT+ equality issues are raised through monthly newsletters for all staff and members attend Pride events.

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Celebrate LGBT has recently changed its name to Celebrate LGBT+.  Members chose to add the + to include those for whom the label LGBT somehow falls short.   We want to be inclusive of all sexual orientations and gender identities and changing our name is a way of ensuring this. 

Since we were set up in 2014, our membership has grown to over 100 and we have over 1000 Twitter followers.   We have held events, produced resources and guides and done our best to keep LGBT+ equalities on the agenda of Action for Children.  We have also developed some great networks and friendships, namely with Fujitsu Shine LGBT+ and Victim Support. 

"We are proud to go that extra step by changing our name to Celebrate LGBT+. It represents all the other groups of sexual and gender minorities that we represent. If you are LGBT+ including a straight ally, then you are welcome to join us"

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