New research reveals that spending time with friends makes Londoners smile most

Posted by / Wednesday 22 June 2016 /
Action for Children friends photo

Three in five Londoners (60 per cent) picked seeing friends as the number one reason for bringing a smile to their faces, followed by listening to music (37 per cent) and having more money with 34 per cent.

Recent research commissioned by Wrigley’s Extra® to mark its partnership with leading charity Action for Children and the launch of oral health workshops shows that spending time with our friends is what makes us smile the most.

Unsurprisingly, the majority of people in London (39 per cent) were in agreement that getting up in the morning brought the least to smile about - with 7.03am on a Monday morning pinpointed as the time the  smiles are at their most scarce, with smiles only increasing post 10am.


The survey identified 7.36pm on a Saturday night, sharing a meal with friends as the smile high point of the week. The happiest time on an average day during the rest of the week is 6.06pm – potentially because of the end of the working day.

The workshops are funded by Wrigley through the Smile BackTM project, an eight week long campaign during which a donation to Action for Children will be made, for every pack of Extra® sugarfree gum sold in the UK. The partnership will help fund the charity’s first ever oral health workshops aiming to educate thousands of children and their families.

Liz Rowe, Operations Director at Action for Children, said: “Too many children continue to be badly affected by poor oral health – but being able to smile with confidence is important for a child’s self-esteem and lifelong physical health.

“Our fun and informative workshops will aim to provide the opportunity for children and families to develop a better understanding of the importance of oral health and the practical tools they need to maintain it.”

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