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Ellie recently joined us for work experience and caught up with some of our Young Ambassadors.

Hi, I'm Ellie. The Young Ambassadors scheme at Action for Children is a very helpful and worthwhile scheme that enables young people at the end of their Action for Children journey to stay involved in the organization and hopefully help other children going through similar things they went through.

The scheme provides training and support in all areas of the Young Ambassador involvement. “Phenomenal”, “worthwhile” and “once in a lifetime opportunity” are all words used by Young Ambassadors explaining their thoughts on the scheme and their experience of being a part of it.

Tamara (20yrs) has only been involved with Action for Children for a year and a half and although she admits to being wary at the beginning of her Action for Children journey – once she joined the Floating Support Scheme and saw they were an organization that was trying “to work with her and not control her” she saw how amazing Action for Children is – and at the end of her journey she wanted to give back to the organization for all the help they gave her. She did this by joining the Young Ambassadors scheme after going to ARTiculation and seeing first-hand what was being done for others. She wants to work with kids and saw that this scheme could be perfect for her. For people thinking of becoming Young Ambassadors she advises “Go for it! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have all the skills as they provide training. Everyone matters and deserves a chance to put forward their opinions about the way things are done.”

“You gain a lot of skills that you don’t realise you need, like protection on social media – they teach you how to change your privacy settings so that you can stay safe online and prevent people from finding your profile on websites such as Facebook.”

When asked what the best experience she’d had whilst being a Young Ambassador she replied “I’ve loved everything – I remember a boy at ARTiculation who didn’t believe anyone would want to listen to him, he didn’t feel like he was important so I sat down with him and explained that ‘it’s his choice whether or not he wants to do it, he doesn’t have to but it would be such a good experience and people do want to hear what he has to say’ and so he decided to go through with it and ended up bringing tears to people’s eyes. It was a very rewarding moment.”


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Tamara is not the only fan of the Young Ambassador scheme however, many more of the young adults who are involved in the scheme have benefited from it and love the chance it gives them to express their opinions.

Catrin (19yrs) has been in contact with Action for Children for 6 years and although she was nervous at first this quickly changed. Catrin decided to be a Young Ambassador for the chance to travel the UK and to see for herself the achievements the organization was making, her role as a Young Ambassador has really helped her communication skills and allowed her to develop her confidence. Her advice to other young adults thinking of becoming Young Ambassadors is “it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to help others, going through similar situations you once did, that not many people get a chance to be involved in. It’s worthwhile and a really great experience that will also benefit you as well as others.”

Similarly, another Young Ambassador – Jordan (17yrs) – said “it’s a really good scheme to be involved in, you are helping so many people even if you don’t realise it. All the campaigning and helping out is helping someone all the time. It’s phenomenal.” Jordan has been in touch with Action for Children the longest of the three, 8 years. A worker at the organization was the one who told him about the Young Ambassador scheme and advised him to join to build up his confidence. He took the advice and admits that it did help increase his confidence saying “it has really helped with things such as public speaking; talking in front of big groups has become easier and even everyday things such as asking someone for directions isn’t a problem at all.”

"It’s a really good scheme to be involved in, you are helping so many people even if you don’t realise it. All the campaigning and helping out is helping someone all the time. It’s phenomenal."

Jordan, Young Ambassador
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Personally, I have only been working for Action for Children for a few days for my work experience, but from what I have seen and by talking to some of the Young Ambassadors - I fully believe that this scheme is a brilliant way to make sure the children utilising the services at Action for Children have someone who understands what they are going through to make them feel more comfortable and a fantastic way for the Young Ambassadors themselves to give back to the organization that has helped them so much throughout their time with them.

I can’t imagine there being a bad word to say about this scheme and would question the sanity of anyone who could.


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