Young Ambassador training in Selby

Posted by / Thursday 30 June 2016 /

Young Ambassadors from Selby Young Carers recently met to try out our Young Ambassador ‘Right Choice’ training module.

Nikisha, Owen, Leeomi and Stephanie are preparing for upcoming Trustee interviews and the Right Choice training was exactly what was needed!


We began with the ‘Smartie game’ ice-breaker: everyone takes three different colour Smarties from the tube and once everyone has their Smarties, you reveal a list of topics, one per colour, and then, depending on which colour Smarties they have, everyone shares their favourite song, place, animal, etc. Lots of fun, and lots of multi-coloured hands after this game!

Next we looked at the role of Trustees – what is a Trustee? Who are they, what do they do, what skills and experience do they need? We also looked at the Trustee Role Profile and Person Specification to see exactly what candidates need to demonstrate in their interview.

This helped us draw up a set of ‘qualities’ that we thought all Trustees should have…

After this we started brainstorming questions that linked to the qualities and the Person Specification. Lots of great discussion here and questions testing things like the candidates’ views on: involving children and young people, Action for Children’s core values, equality and diversity, etc. We also explored how to find out what knowledge and skills they’d bring to the role.


Well done to our young people…a great session and lots of interesting ideas and suggestions. In session 2 they’ll be looking at equality and diversity, and confidentiality within interview settings, as well as agreeing a ‘good answer’ for each question. After that, it’s off to London to interview potential Trustees (and a sight-seeing tour of the city, too!)

The ‘Right Choice’ is Action for Children’s guide to involving children and young people in recruitment and selection. Download your free copy here.

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