The needs of children in care must be included in the Prime Minister's mental health review

Posted by / Monday 09 January 2017 / Press release

Theresa May conducted a speech today addressing the gap in mental health care in the UK. Particularly, she focused on the mental health of children, who currently don't get the support they need. Kate Mulley, our director of policy and campaigns at Action for Children said the following:

"While we welcome the promising announcements made today, we urge the Prime Minster to ensure the planned thematic review will address the mental health needs of our country’s 70,000 children in care.

“Many looked after children endure trauma and abuse in their lives before care. Experiences of loss and separation can have a long-lasting impact on children’s emotional wellbeing and evidence shows that looked after children are almost five times more likely than the general population to suffer from poor mental health.

“Yet these children can come up against barriers to receiving the help they need. Children in care need different Government departments to work together to identify and respond to their mental health needs. The commitment to better identify their mental health needs must also be tied with stronger requirements on health professionals to play a much more effective role."