Help for families with disabled children

We build our services around what you need.

If you have a disabled child, we offer a range of short breaks including community, residential short breaks, family-based breaks or support in your own home.

These short breaks are tailored to your child’s needs and what they want to do.

We also provide a range of services from early support to helping disabled young people prepare for adulthood. 

Warwickshire Short Breaks has been rated "Outstanding" by Ofsted for the last seven years. Meet our staff, children, and find out what makes this excellent service tick.


Short breaks

We offer community-based breaks, residential short breaks, family-based breaks or support in your own home. It's about the child or young person and what they want to do. They can choose to do the same thing or something different each time they see us.

It's an opportunity for disabled children and young people to have fun, gain independence, learn and develop. While families get to take a much needed break from their 24-hour caring.

Every disabled child or young person and their family should have the right to short breaks. We're here to help make that happen, by offering flexible, accessible, and relevant services

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Looking after individual needs

Listening is important to us.

Our staff take the time to hear your concerns or issues, and communicate these to other professionals. They get to know the you and your child, drawing up a plan of support based on your child's needs. This plan will be shared with everyone involved with your child or young person's care.

Our staff stay until they get results.

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Personal Budgets

Personal budgets are amounts of funding allocated to a young disabled person or the family of a disabled child from the local council or Clinical Commissioning Group so they can have more control including the option of directly purchasing support.

The Children and Family Act 2014 (England) introduced Education, Health and Care Plans which include the right to request a personal budget.

The Self Directed Support Act 2014 (Scotland) provides the opportunity for young people and families to manage their own budget or arrange for a provider to hold their Individual Service Fund.