Support for parents and families


Every family needs a bit of support from time to time. We’re here to help.

We work with families from before children are born until they’re in their twenties. We do this in lots of different ways – in local services, schools and online.  

We step in early to help build positive relationships. We bring parents together at support groups and in our children’s centres. We offer advice and help with parenting skills. And we never, ever judge.  

Most importantly, we always do what’s best for children and young people. 

Before children are born and when they’re young 

We believe in helping families early, laying the foundations for children to thrive. We do this by:

  • Offering antenatal support and breastfeeding advice.  
  • Parenting advice in local programmes and online through our 1:1 chat service. 
  • Helping more than 175,000 children and families every year in our children’s centres. 

As children grow up 

Our support for families continues as children grow up. We offer: