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We speak up for children and young people - campaigning to bring lasting improvements to their lives.

Our landmark report - Choose Childhood - shows that although lots has improved for families, three generations across the UK fear childhoods are getting worse. We need to change this.  

Cuts to key services are leaving vulnerable families and children without support, building on a decade of funding cuts and under-investment. So we’re calling on the government to act, now. 

“There isn’t enough support out there for young people. There’s been I don’t know how many suicides in the local area. It’s a clear sign that something definitely does need to be done.” Cathal, 15, Northern Ireland 

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Our areas of work 

To make sure our work helps the most vulnerable children and young people, we're pressing for change on three key themes: 

  • The best start in life: we're calling on government to invest in support and early help, as well as tackling poverty and the crisis in social care.
  • Good mental health: there's an increasing crisis in mental health among children and young people, with many not getting the help they need. 
  • A safe and loving home: disabled children and their families lack support, while children at risk often only get help when they've hit crisis point. Many in care, especially teenagers, face placement instability. Many children and young people who have experienced domestic abuse do not get the support they need.

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We fight to make sure children’s rights are on the political agenda by campaigning and influencing government. See the latest on our blog.

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